Welcome to Mountain Pass Tower Defense!

Build towers and upgrade them to stop the enemies from escaping from the pass.  You control the path that the enemies take, so be clever and maneuver them such that they take maximum damage from your towers.  Unlock Skunk Werks secret tower by upgrading four towers of different tower types to their maximum upgrade level. Unlock Shuriken secret tower by upgrading the Gun Tower to the maximum, doing a death blossom with it, then upgrading a stun tower to the maximum.

The tower defence genre sprang out from an element of play in popular real-time strategy games like Warcraft II.  The sounds are by Alexander Parker; the graphics are by Scott P. This game has been built on Microsoft's Silverlight technology.  Jump right in or watch the gameplay videoContact me if you run into a bug, and if you want the scoop on new features, read about the latest game updates.

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Ooh, you are almost ready to repel the alien invaders, all you need is Microsoft's Silverlight plugin; click the image below to get it

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Here's a screenshot from the game:

Mountain Pass Tower Defense screenshot

If you enjoy Mountain Pass Tower Defense, I recommend playing Immortal Defense (direct link for download), written by a fellow indie developer.  It adds the innovative idea of allowing you to directly shoot enemies with your mouse in addition to placing towers; the graphics are just lovely and the different towers interact in interesting and clever ways.